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—  TAPAS  —


Snowball Shrimp
sweet creamy shrimp with walnuts

XOXO Noodles
rice noodles in soy + XO cognac

Fresh Spring Rolls
shrimp + pork / bbq pork / tofu

Crispy Egg Rolls
vietnamese style rolls with pork

lightly dusted with sweet thai chili sauce

Mini Pho Cups
noodles + beef + hearty broth


Tempura Green Beans
with garlic aioli dipping sauce

Lettuce Wraps
with diced chicken or tofu

Shaken Steak Cubes
marinated top sirloin + onions

pork or vegetarian dumplings

Cream Cheese Wontons
with sweet + sour sauce

Tofu Stacks
fried tofu in savory black bean sauce


XoXo Noodles

XoXo Noodles